ESPN just loved how these parents celebrated their son getting drafted, telling them to ”get after it”

Getting selected in the NHL Draft is the dream of every young hockey player. And when it happens, it can be hard to control and describe your feelings. And it’s almost an equally proud moment for a parent, watching your kid get drafted.

As a parent, you’ve probably been there all the way. Driving to and from practices and seeing your child succeed is unbeatable. And there are many ways to celebrate it. However, Maveric Lamoureux’s parents chose to celebrate more romantically.

Source: Twitter

Lamoureux was selected in the first round of this year’s NHL Draft, as 29th overall by the Arizona Coyotes. But as he went on stage to collect his jersey, the cameras panned back to his parents in the stands. In the heat of the moment, the couple went in for a kiss with their tongues flying.

Source: Twitter

The commentators on ESPN took notice and were quick to joke about it.
” Ohhhhh ok,” one said.
” That’s alright. It’s night time in Quebec!” Another one said, laughing.
” Get after it mum and dad,” another said as they all laughed.

The video of the parents quickly got on social media, and everyone loved how they celebrated.

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