Edmonton’s Zack Kassian kicks Lightning defenseman Erik Cernak in chest

During last nights Oilers-Lightning game in Tampa, Edmonton Oiler forward Zack Kassian got into a pileup with with teammate Josh Archibald and Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Erik Cernak.

As Kassian pushed himself free, he aimed a kick at Cernak. A highly dangerous move.

“He was holding my leg, it was reactionary, I was just trying to get him off me, kick him off me. I was just trying to get my foot loose,” Kassian said.
“If I kicked him hard, I think he would have flew back or the ref would have called a penalty.”

The incident went unnoticed, even though an official was standing right next to the pileup. 

“I asked what is wrong with him because that’s not the right play, what you do on the ice. He didn’t say (anything)”, Cernak said.