Eddie Lack sends Roberto Luongo and fans into meltdown, after sharing “unpopular opinions”

Eddie Lack and Roberto Luongo were teammates when playing together in Vancouver.

Still to this day, with both retired from hockey, they are great friends.

The Swedish goalie was highly appreciated and respected for his great mindset, even though he wasn’t the starter, and made sure to keep everyone happy.

For hockey players, eating the right stuff plays an important role in being able to develop and stay on the highest level.

Eddie Lack have shown his love for tacos for many years. But some things that he now reveals eating sends the internet into a meltdown.

Via his Twitter account, Eddie Lack presented a bunch of “unpopular opinions” regarding food. And it surely is something else.

Ketchup on pasta surely left his followers wondering. And it wasn’t only fans that made sure to let him know their opinions. Also, Roberto Luongo put in a word, literally.

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