Connor McDavid played one-on-one with Corey Perry’s youngest kid and showed absolutely no mercy

Connor McDavid is the best player in the world, and when you see some of the things he does on the ice, you have to pinch yourself to believe it’s for real.

Wayne Gretzky once said that McDavid is the best thing that happened to hockey since Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby, and we couldn’t agree more.

McDavid started skating at the age of 3, and at just 5 years old, he was playing against kids four years older than him.

McDavid got better every year, and when he entered the NHL, he was already a superstar. McDavid has since dominated the NHL, and sometimes, it’s like he’s playing at a completely different level than his opponents.

Connor McDavid is a five-time Art Ross winner, a three-time Hart Memorial winner, and a four-time Ted Lindsay winner.

Although McDavid started the season slow, just as the Edmonton Oilers did, he has picked up pace and is currently third in the NHL scoring chart, on pace for 133 points.

Not many players in the NHL right now could take the puck from McDavid in a one-on-one – let alone a kid.

McDavid was recently captured on video toying around with new teammate Corey Perry’s youngest son, Griffin, and the video was both adorable and hilarious.

In the video, McDavid shows absolutely no mercy against the young kid, leaving him with no chance to take possession of the puck.

McDavid was, of course, just joking around, and as TSN’s Ryan Rishaug said on Twitter, Griffin had just dominated before the recording started.

Just imagine how happy that kid was, goofing around with the best player in the world. Well done, Connor. We love to see it!

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