Connor McDavid dedicates playoff run to passed Oilers superfan Ben Stelter in heartwarming gesture

Connor McDavid isn’t just a great player. He’s also an amazing and caring person, and now, a classy gesture warms every fan’s heart. Last August, Edmonton Oilers superfan Ben Stelter passed away at the age of six. Stelter battled brain cancer and became a huge part of the Oilers team following an invitation for him to skate on the ice before a game in the NHL.

Source: Twitter

That game, Stelter was the team’s MVP, and he stuck around with the team following the Oilers’ playoff run last season. His famous quote, ”Play La Bamba, baby!” was heard after every Oilers win, and the song became the team’s victory song.

Ben Stelter made a huge and lasting impact on the Oilers, especially on Connor McDavid. McDavid was Ben Stelter’s biggest fan, and Stelter was McDavid’s biggest inspiration. He shared several posts on social media about Ben and always handed out hugs and fist bumps to the little guy.

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And now, Connor McDavid makes sure to send another tribute to Ben Stelter ahead of this year’s playoffs. On Twitter, McDavid dedicated this year’s playoff run to Ben Stelter.

Source: Twitter

He published a Tweet with a picture of little Ben fist-bumping McDavid, and he also wrote:

”Ready to go for ya Benny Boy. Let’s go Oil Country!”

On social media, everyone praises Connor McDavid for his classy gesture towards Ben and the Stelter family.

We’ll see how far the Oilers will go in this year’s playoffs, but as long as they’re in it, Connor McDavid and his teammates are making sure that Ben Stelter is in their thoughts.

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