Chris Kreider said the most wholesome thing to Antti Raanta after injury situation, and fans are just loving it

During Game 7, Antti Raanta spread his legs so bad he had to leave the game for the Carolina Hurricanes. The Canes fans feared that Rantta had suffered a serious knee injury, and the sadness just doubled as the Rangers won Game 7 and moved on to the Eastern Conference Final.

After the devastating loss, the Hurricanes confirmed that Raanta had suffered an ACL sprain, and he will now be in rehabilitation for the knee in the next 6-8 weeks.

Nobody was to blame for Raanta’s injury, as it was just about trying to make a safe, but Chris Kreider was the closest Rangers player to Raanta when it happened. And it’s obvious he felt terrible. According to Sara Civian, Kreider approached Raanta after the game with a whole lot of guilt in him.

“Raanta says Kreider came up to him after the game and said’ don’t tell me I hurt you…(feeling bad)’ Raanta says it wasn’t his fault just how the play went,” Civian said on Twitter.

Fans just loved how much Kreider cared for Raanta.

“Mad respect for Kreider,” said one fan.