Canucks goalie Louis Domingue’s wholesome gesture, baking cakes for teammates inside bubble

It sure can’t be easy spending several weeks inside the bubble for the NHL players. Many of them have families which they aren’t aloud to see, and many tries to make time pass by playing video games and so on.

But Canucks backup goalie Louis Domingue have tried something else.

His passion for cooking came in handy, and since he’s not playing, or even being close to playing, he’s taken on a task of giving love to his teammates in other ways than on the ice.

In a small video series by Sportsnet, Domingue shows of his baking skills, making pies, bread and other sweets for his teammates.

And he sure is doing work in the kitchen.

In an interview with the NHLPA, Domingue explains that it all started the first day inside the bubble.

Together with NHL officials, they made sure to strictly adhere to the COVID-19 protocols.

“The first day, I cooked in our team’s meal room. I gave it to the chefs and they put it in the oven for me,” Domingue said. “The next game, they had it all set up  I’m talking about a spot in the kitchen that they closed off just for me. They couldn’t cut across the area I was in. It was a great set-up. I baked three pies, and then I had some dough left over, so I did something my mom does when she has leftover dough. It’s a cinnamon roll.”

The Vancouver Canucks trails Vegas Golden Knights in the Wester Conference semifinal series 3-2, with a change of tying it Thursday.

Domingue probably won’t be on the ice, but if the team will come out with a win, they surely will get some more cooking action from the 2010 5th round pick.

So who would he have as his sous chef?

“If you want to stick with the French cuisine, I’d take [Antoine] Roussel under my wing. He’s a hard-working guy and he’d be great for the gig,” Domingue tells the NHLPA.

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