Camera caught Sidney Crosby showing off absurd skills during warm-up, fans can’t believe what they’re seeing

There’s no doubt that Sidney Crosby is one of the most talented and all-rounded players of the NHL. The Pittsburgh Penguins can do it all on the ice and is a great leader for the Stanley Cup contender.

Sidney Crosby is well known for his goalscoring abilities, and he always shows up for vital assist or offensive plays.

Source: Reddit

But this weekend, ahead of the Penguins game against Carolina Hurricanes, cameras caught Crosby doing something quite incredible with teammate Jake Guentzel. Of course, Crosby first started juggling with the puck, but that’s something that almost every player in the NHL can do. 

But then it gets more and more impressive.

Crosby first lobs the puck to Guentzel, who flips it back to Crosby without letting it touch the ice. The superstar almost lost the puck, but – with one hand on the club – managed to save it from reaching the ice, sending it over to Guentzel again.

Source: Reddit

Crosby does it with a smile on his face, as he probably realizes what a crazy skill he just pulled off. Talk about impressive!

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