Bobby Hull's grandson slams back at critics following the death of his grandfather

Bobby Hull’s grandson slams back at critics following the death of his grandfather

Earlier this week, Bobby Hull died at 84. Hull is the Chicago Blackhawks’ all-time leading goal scorer and is considered one of the best NHL players ever.

He played for 16 seasons for the Chicago Blackhawks, Hartford Whalers, and Winnipeg Jets and won two Hart Trophies, one Lady Byng, and the 1961 Stanley Cup.

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Since Hull’s passing, hockey fans around the globe have sent their condolences and thoughts to the Hull family and everyone who was close to him. But some have also talked about how Hull was as a person outside the rink and his troubling past. 

Although he’s one of the best players of all time, some reporters were quick to point out that Hull has been accused of domestic abuse by several long-term partners. He’s also attacked a police officer, and according to the Moscow Times, he said that ”Hitler had some good ideas.” 

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Greg Wyshynski, a senior NHL writer for ESPN, wrote on Twitter: ”If you choose to celebrate Bobby Hull “the player” today without mentioning everything that led to his legacy becoming forever tarnished, you need to reprioritize.” 

He also shared an article on how Bobby Hull was stripped from his role as an ambassador for the Blackhawks. Wyshynski hasn’t been the only one to point out the troubling things of Hull’s past; now, his family is fed up with it. 

Bobby Hull’s grandson, Jude Hull, took to Twitter to slam back at the criticism against his grandfather.

“You’re allowed to have whatever opinion you want of my Grandfather and his past,” said Hull on Twitter. “To air it all out not 12 hours after he passed makes me want to puke. I hope those tweets help you sleep better at night.”

Jude Hull is the son of Brett Hull, who also had a fantastic NHL career. 

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