Bo Horvat offers to repay fan who lost bet due to his horrific shootout attempt

The Vancouver Canucks have blown several multi-goal leads this season. The team made history at the beginning of the season, becoming the first NHL team to lose four consecutive games in which it held a multi-goal lead.

The Canucks have struggled all year, and the positives have been few. This weekend, the Canucks were in desperate need of a win against the Nashville Predators, and after the first period, it sure looked good.

Canucks were up 3-0, but as so many times before this season, they blew it again. With two goals in the first 02:41 of the third period, the game was tied 3-3. The game was decided in a shootout, and when Bo Horvat stepped up, he had to score to keep the game alive.

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But the Canucks captain made an awful mistake, as he lost the puck while trying to deke out the goalie. It was a devastating loss for all Canucks fans. But for one in particular. One sports bettor claimed on social media that he needed a Canucks win for his bet and that he lost $91.50 on Horvat’s mistake.

“Man wtf was the shoot tonight I lost $91.50 cause of that.. think you can Ethan me that back pal,” he said on Instagram.

And Bo Horvat actually replied with some good news.

“Send me ur info,” Horvat said.

It’s not unusual for fans to ask players for money back when they lose a bet, but most athletes just ignore it. Bo Horvat obviously felt guilty and felt liked helping, however.

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