Biz Nasty takes role as fashion expert for NHL GM Meetings and it’s absolutely hilarious

When it comes to hockey players, at least before they go pro, all of them don’t have a great fashion sense. In the NHL however, before arriving to games, the players show up in fancy suits or cool outfits that many probably envy.

But what about the NHL GM’s sense of fashion? They aren’t “out in the open” as much as the players, but this week, all 31 are catching up during the annual GM Meetings in Boca Raton, Florida.

Paul “Biz Nasty” Bissonette teamed up with Sportsnet taking a look on the GM’s fashion when arriving at the meetings in Florida and it was hilarious.

ust take a look at NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmans awesome glasses.

Of course, it’s never OK to make fun of people or encouraging bullying. But in this case, we think it’s done with a good sense of humor and especially since they aren’t making fun of the person itself.

Watch the funny clip below.

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