Bertuzzi sucker punches Calvert in rekindling of Avs-Red Wings rivalry

Bertuzzi sucker punches Calvert in rekindling of Avs-Red Wings rivalry

The Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings have a great rivalry that dates back to the 1990s. Last night, hockey fans were treated with a glimpse of the past.

It all started in 1996. Claude Lemieux of the Colorado Avalanche delivered a nasty check to Red Wings forward Kris Draper. It left Draper in a pool of blood and thus, the hatred had begun.

Almost a year after the original incident, the two franchises went after one another in 1997. The brawl was named the “Brawl in Hockeytown,” and was one of the most fierce games played.

There were many more fights throughout the years, but it all changed with the Red Wings jumped ship to the Eastern Conference. This meant that the teams now face each other only twice per season.

Even though the teams have more separation than past, there is still bad blood from the clubs.

Mike Green of the Red Wings drove Matt Calvert into the boards with a clean check. The hit came right in front of the Detroit bench. As Calvert tried to skate away, the Red Wings’ bench grabbed the stick of Calvert, impeding on him jumping back into the play.

Of course, Calvert didn’t take this act of interference too kindly. As Calvert hoped to get loose from the bench, he jammed the stick towards the Detroit bench. Four Red Wings jumped up from their seated position and Tyler Bertuzzi (nephew of Todd), began throwing some shots at Calvert.

The play was whistled down and there was a skirmish in front of the Detroit bench. Even Justin Abdelkader and Nikita Zadorov had some choice words for one another.

This was pretty tame in comparison to the past, but this incident may have refuelled the fire of the rivalry.

These teams will meet once in Colorado for the final time this season in March.