Alex Ovechkin sens Zdeno Chara flying into the Capitals bench

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Zdeno Chara isn’t used to being thrown around when it comes to hockey. The six-foot-nine, 200-pounder has made a living using his big body. Last night, he felt what it was liked to get knocked down.

In a game against the Washington Capitals, Chara took a check from Alex Ovechkin. Chara knows that he won’t go the entire game without being hit at least once. With that being said, taking down Chara can be a sign of strength. But Chara not only got checked, he got sent into the Capitals’ bench!

As Chara went to play the puck in front of the Capitals bench, Ovechkin came flying in and send him into the bench. Chara didn’t fully get thrown into it but landed on some opposing players with his upper body.

Ovi has never shied away from throwing a check and last nights was pretty impressive.

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