7 players turn at the exact same time during NHL game, and it's the most satisfying thing we've ever witnessed

7 players turn at the exact same time during NHL game, and it’s the most satisfying thing we’ve ever witnessed

There’s a lot that is satisfying when it comes to watching hockey. No matter if you’re talking about admirable goals, slick moves, delicious passes, or downright crazy saves, there’s a lot to like. When things happen at that crazy speed, it’s easy to get blown away, and that’s why hockey is the world’s best sport.

This weekend produced a perfect example of just how satisfying hockey can be, even though this one may fall into a slightly different category. An observant TV viewer picked out a moment from the game between the New York Islanders and St. Louis Blues, which now is making the internet go wild.

In the sequence, the puck is moved from one side to the other, and seven players turn their bodies to skate in the puck’s direction at precisely the same time. You can’t watch this clip enough, and on Reddit, the clip has received enormous amounts of upvotes, with fans just loving it.
” I can’t stop watching this,” says one user.
” it’s the perfect length for the clip, I am addicted,” says another.
” This is hypnotizing,” says a third.

One user even points out that it’s eight players turning at the same time because if you watch closely, even goalie Jordan Binnington is doing it.
” That was the most elegant thing I’ve ever seen.”

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