The unbreakable NHL-record: Kovalev’s shift that never ended

It isn’t an official NHL-record. But Alex Kovalev’s extremely long shift is still one of the most memorable moments throughout NHL-history.

When speaking about NHL-records, you often end up talking about some of Wayne Gretzkys unbelievable records. The fact that it will take a long time, or even ever, before someone comes close to his 2857 points is huge.

But there are some records, maybe a little less notable, that are worth mentioning and as tough to beat. Like Alex Kovalev.

Five-minute shift

Kovalev was one of the most skilled players who ever played in the NHL and you never knew what he was going to do while gracefully moving the puck. But in the beginning of his career he was a tough cookie to crack for his coaches.

During his second season playing for the Rangers, coach ”Iron Mike” Keenan had a hard time controlling his Russian forward.

That’s when he decided to not let Kovalev off the ice – for five minutes. Every time he tried getting to the bench, Keenan told him to keep playing. And when he jumped over the boards, the coach ordered his player to push him back onto the ice.

Happy ending

Keenan weren’t pleased about his Russian star,  but he finally got to celebrate. During the shift, Kovalev actually scored and went on to win the Stanley Cup together with Keenan later that season.

Even though a five minute shift is a pretty long time during a hockey game – we just have to love the Russian forward for it. And surely, he will be remembered for a long time after this.

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