Team broadcaster signs to play as emergency goalie – and still calls the game from the bench

When both goalies of the Port Huron Prowlers in the FPHL were injured someone else had to step in as the emergency goaltender.
The teams play-by-play broadcaster Jeremy Skiba stepped in, but still called the game from the bench dressed in full goalie gear.

We’ve been blessed to witness plenty of great stories involving emergency goalies in the NHL.
Just about two years ago, the 36-year-old accountant Scott Foster stepped in as the emergency goalie with the Blackhawks and recorded a shutout saving seven shots, helping the team pick up a 6-2 win against the Winnipeg Jets.

Source: Twitter/NorthStarAshle

This time, it’s about a broadcaster who suddenly found himself in the middle of the spotlight. Jeremy Skiba didn’t get to play for the Port Huron Prowlers’ in the Federal Prospects Hockey League (FPHL).

But even though he was going to be the emergency goalie, the 22 year old didn’t let anyone down when it came to call the game.

Broadcasted from the bench

As the teams’ play-to-play broadcaster, Skiba travels with the team. After some of the players went to a gas station to stock up on snacks during a road trip last week, head coach Joe Pace told the broadcaster they had to sign him as their emergency back-up goalie.

“Are you serious?” Skiba replied according to the Port Huron Times Herald. “Are you serious? Are YOU serious?!”.

For a second, it seemed like the people getting ready to follow the game through Skiba’s broadcast wouldn’t be able to. However, the team manage to arrange for him to call the game from the bench wearing full goalie gear.

Skiba signed a one day contract with the team. If he will get another shot of playing for the Prowlers is yet to be seen, but surely other broadcasters could learn from his skills!

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