Georges Laraque just got offered a one-game contract, to finally fight Sean Avery after waiting 17 years

With big excitement, the Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL announced earlier this week that they’ve signed former NHL bully and enforcer Sean Avery on a standard player contract. It’s still unknown how many games Avery, now 41 years old, will play. But it sure got some buzz in the hockey world.

However, now, several former NHL enforcers are asking for a contract of their own in the same league to fight Avery.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday, former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque took to Twitter asking for an ECHL team to sign him for just one game.
“I’m going to make a wish! Can a team in the ECHL sign me for at least one game against Sean Avery please lol,” Laraque wrote.

And his prayers seem to have been answered. The Florida Everblades of the ECHL quickly reached out to Laraque, asking if he’s available to play on March 12th, when they play the Orlando Solar Bears.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Georges Laraque’s wanted to go up against Sean Avery ever since 2005, when Laraque accused Avery of calling him a racial slur. Now, it seems like Laraque will get his long-awaited fight against Avery. So, it looks like it’s time to circle the date, March 12th.

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