David Krejci engage in first fight since 2011 throwing heavy bombs at Joe Pavelski

David Krejci isn’t known for his fighting skills. Maybe that’s why the Bruins’ forward haven’t been involved in a scrap in the NHL regular season since 2011.

But last night, that changed. Facing the Dallas Stars, Krejci dropped his gloves against NHL veteran Joe Pavelski.

David Krejci and Joe Pavelski aren’t the two players you’d expect to drop their gloves. And especially not against each other.

However, last night at TD Garden, the two veteran players decided to go at it.

In the second period in front of the Bruins’ net, Pavelski and Krejci engaged in a small scrum with led to them throwing punches at each other.

Sure, there must be two to tango. But in this case, Krejci who hasn’t been involved i a regular game NHL fight since 2011 didn’t have any problem throwing bombs at the Stars’ forward.

Bruins apparently needed a little bit of feistiness to get a win, beating the the Stars 4-3. According to captain Zdeno Chara, the fight was the defining moment.

“Yeah, definitely that was obviously a key moment,” Chara said according to NESN. “A guy like that who’s not known for dropping gloves, had a great physical game and stood up for himself and did a great job.”

Read more at: https://nesn.com/2020/02/bruins-notes-david-krejcis-rare-fight-was-key-moment-in-bruins-win-vs-stars/


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