Coaches get ready to fight as FPHL game turns into huge bench clearing brawl

The minor league game between the Carolina Thunderbirds and the Columbus River Dragons in FPHL went bad this weekend.

In the third period, the players engaged in a full blown bench clearing brawl with the coaches also stepping onto the ice.

The FPHL have had their fair share of crazy incidents. Earlier this year, a player of the Mentor Ice Breakers took a slap shot at the Carolina Thunderbirds bench and got a huge beating.

This weekend, the Carolina Thunderbirds were involved in another incident. And this time, it also included a brawl.

In the third period, head coach Andre Niec of the Thunderbirds and Jerome Bechard of the Columbus River Dragons started screaming at each other at the benches.

Players and officials quickly skated towards the bench, but that only sparked more trouble. Soon. players on the ice started fighting which led to a bench clearing brawl.

The coaches weren’t satisfied with standing around screaming at each other. At one point, both of them took of their jackets in what looked like the start of a fight. However players managed to calm them down, avoiding a scandal.

It all ended with 7 major fighting penalties and 9 game misconducts, including Bechard and Niec.

The Thunderbirds came out with the victory 9-3.

Watch the incident here:

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