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When Rob Ray didn’t want to watch MTV, and ended up knocking Matthew Barnaby’s teeth out

When Rob Ray knocked Barnaby's teeth out while watching TV

Matthew Barnaby made himself known as one of the toughest players of the 1990’s. In 834 NHL games, he ended ...

Darren McCarty reveals his toughest fighting opponent

Darren McCarty reveals the toughest player he fought in the NHL.

When the Primeau brothers fought each other

Keith Primeau went up against brother Wayne in the NHL, and called his parents to apologize

When rookie instigator Scott Parker had instant regret after taking fight with Bob Probert

Scott Parker might not be the classic enforcer. But he never backed down when it came to fighting and putting ...

David Krejci throws heavy bombs in fight against Joe Pavelski

The Bruins' forward dropped his gloves for the first time since 2011.

Beaulieu and Seeler trade heavy punches in fierce fight

Nick Seeler surely had a special start to his Blackhawk career.