Biz Nasty and Cam Janssen’s at it again with some old school fighting during alumni game

The All Star weekend is here, and while we get to see the best players in the NHL, the crowd in St Louis also get to see some old time hockey.
During the NHL All Star alumni game, two old rivals went at it. Paul Bissonnette and Cam Janssen, with more than 130 fights combined, dropped the gloves.

The NHL All Star weekend is not only a great time for the NHL players to relax and have some fun during the season. It’s also a time for the fans to see the best players in the league scoring crazy goals and participating in the skills competition.

Thursday night, the crowd at Centene Community Ice Center in St Louis got to see players such as Chris Thorburn, Paul Bissonnette and Cam Janssen hit the ice for the alumni game.

Source: St Louis Blues/Twitter

But for Janssen and Bissonnette, better known as Biz Nasty, the game was also a time to reenact some old style hockey.

Bissonnette and Janssen fight

In the middle of the game, they dropped their gloves as in the old days and were involved in a fight.

Janssen and Bissonnette combines for more than 130 fights during their active NHL careers, fought twice within the spa of a couple of months during the 2010-2011 season.

However, this time they didn’t take it too seriously.

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