A Boston fan couldn’t believe he got to touch Gretzky’s hand; what happened seconds later blows our minds

It doesn’t really matter what team you support. Wayne Gretzky is still, and will always be, the greatest. So if you’re supporting the Boston Bruins and love hockey, you respect The Great One. And this fan is the ultimate proof of that.

A video from the Vinter Classic on Fenway Park has gone viral over the past few days, and we have to say that we’ve probably never seen a better Gretzky video than this. And we totally understand that millions of people have seen the epic video.

In the video, a young man supporting the Bruins at Fenway Park leans over to shake hands with Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky was just walking by the fans but did have time to shake hands with this young man. And his reaction couldn’t have been better. He immediately turned to the rest of the fans at the place and yelled, ”I touched Wayne Gretzky’s hand! Things are changing in my life!”

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Well, if the video had ended there, it still would’ve been great. That kind of pure reaction is what we love to see. But just seconds later, the video, and the moment for this young man, just got even better.

As soon as the fan yelled that things were changing in his life, the crowd went wild. Why? The Boston Bruins, coincidentally, had just scored against the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

The video is perfect, as everything happens in perfect timing—the handshake, the yelling, the goal, and the crowds’ cheer. 

Wayne Gretzky was at Fenway Park for the NHL on TNT broadcast, where he worked in the studio panel with Paul Bissonnette, Anson Carter, and Rick Tocchet. Among other things, the crew discussed whether Sidney Crosby deserves a place in the ”hockey Mount Rushmore.” Gretzky’s take on the matter can be seen here.

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