Trevor Zegras was saved by the referee after saying two words that made Brad Marchand absolutely furious

Trevor Zegras isn’t just a great hockey player. He’s got a reputation for talking much on the ice, and if someone is chirping him, you can bet that he will give back if he gets the opportunity. The Boston Bruins finished up their road trip with a visit to California, and they started the road game against the Anaheim Ducks fast.

The Bruins were up in a 2-0 lead in the 1st period, but the Ducks scored to make it a one-goal game. Trevor Zegras scored the goal, his 12th of the season, but something else immediately stole the attention.

After Zegras scored his goal, he skated right past the Bruins’ bench and chirped his opponent. He could also be seen saying something to Boston’s Trent Frederic. Fredric wasn’t happy with Zegras’ move, nor was Brad Marchand.

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Brad Marchand always sticks up for his teammates, and this time was no exception. Marchand, who was at the bench at the time of Zegras’ chirp, immediately jumped the ice and was absolutely furious with Zegras.

Luckily for the Anaheim Ducks’ star player, referees got in between the two, and Zegras could skate away to safety.

According to NHL writer Matt Porter, Zegras said ”f*cking b*itch” to Trent Frederic, which caused the big scrum.

Boston Bruins might be the worst team in the league to chirp and start a beef with, and Zegras got lucky this time to get away without having to answer the bell. But we’re absolutely certain that players like Brad Marchand don’t easily forget this kind of stuff.

The Bruins got the last laugh in the game as well, as the Ducks didn’t manage to score more than Zegras’ goal in the first period. The Bruins scored seven, and David Pastrnak three for his 13th career hat trick.

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