Oliver Kylington sees Evander Kane in the penalty box as the Flames score, and his mocking smile is pure gold

During Game 1 in the Battle of Alberta, Evander Kane got sent to the penalty box, as did the Flames’ Oliver Kylington and Matthew Tkachuk. However, the Flames chose to let Tkachuk out of the penalty box first, and as Kylington and Kane were still in the penalty boxes, the Flames scored.

It just so happened that Matthew Tkachuk scored the goal, as he put the Flames up 8-6 in the game, and Evander Kane wasn’t happy on the bench. Just minutes earlier, he was in a between the bench argument with Tkachuk, and as the Flames scored, Oliver Kylington couldn’t stop smiling.

He turned his head to give Evander Kane a quick look and just smiled. Calgary shared the video of Kylington’s mocking smile on Twitter, and it got plenty of likes and shares. And fans were absolutely loving him for it.

” Oliver is now my fave,” said one fan.

” Oh shit. New meme template,” said another one.

Even before being sent to the penalty box, Evander Kane had been chirped hardly by Tkachuk. Matthew took a swing at Kane’s economy as he filed for bankruptcy in January last year.

” You want some money?” Tkachuk asked Kane.

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