Elias Pettersson’s wholesome gesture, playing hot potato with Martinez in the middle of scrum

The Canucks have tied the series against the Vegas Golden Knights, winning 5-2 last night.

Elias Pettersson continued his point production, tallying two assists and scoring once in the victory.

The Calder winner from last year is making history in his second season with the Canucks. Pettersson has 16 points in his first 12 playoff games, which is more than anyone in Canucks franchise history.

Just look at this goal from last night.

Even though Pettersson did a couple of highlight plays, the one being the absolute best wasn’t about deking, scoring goals or setting up teammates in front of the net.

This time it was all about being kind towards your opponent.

Pettersson got stood up by Alec Martinez, with the Vegas defenseman loosing his glove.

The Swede held it in his hand, but instead of throwing it away he decided to be a good sport, giving it back to Martinez.

In the first game of the series, Vegas players appeared to try and get Pettersson angry by taunting him from the bench.

But it seams like “Petey” is trying to kill them with kindness instead. This is awesome!

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