A local brewery is actually offering Barry Trotz free beer for life if he signs for their favorite NHL team

After several successful seasons, Barry Trotz was fired as coach of the New York Islanders in May this year. The Islanders missed the Playoffs for the first time since 2018, as they finished 16 points behind the wild card position in the Eastern Conference.

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It was the first time in Trotz’s for years in Islanders that he missed the postseason, and just enough for the organization to let go of the coaching veteran.

Trotz is a two-time winner of the NHL coach of the year, 2016 with the Capitals and 2019 with the Islanders. And several teams in the league have shown interest in hiring him since the firing from the Islanders.

Winnipeg Jets is one of the teams, and now, a local brewery is doing everything in its power to ensure it happens.

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According to TSN, the Little Brown Jug Brewing Company has offered Trotz free beers for life if he would sign for the Jets.

“Just thought it would be a little fun initiative,” James Hofer, office administrator and liaison, said.

“We thought people would get a kick out of it and who knows, maybe it might get the coach here.”

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