That time when this AHL goalie chirped the referee in the most genius way ever

With todays technology, one would think it’s almost impossible for a referee to get a call wrong. However, it still happens and some people think it’s just part of the game.

Way back, the NHL, nor minor leagues, had the same technology. They used goal judges, that was sitting on a chair behind the glass behind the net.

In the early 90’s, the NHL started to phase out goal judges as video review made them obsolete. But in the AHL it still happened that this person sat behind the goal, calling the shots.

But of course, sometime things got heated because of different opinions regarding calls. And the player who might have reacted in the most memoriable way ever is goalie Mika Noronen while playing for the Rochester Americans in 2001.

During a game in the AHL, the Syracuse Crunch scored a goal which not everyone thought was in, including Noronen.

After the goal judge called it a goal, when it actually hit the post, Norenen mocked him in the most spectacular way. By cleaning the glass so he actually could see what was going on.

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