High school hockey announcer goes viral for absolutely crazy reaction to nearly getting hit by a puck

There are a lot of games played in Minor/Youth and high school hockey, so there are a lot of crazy things happening.

It’s not so often that highlights from the games make the rounds on social media, but when they do, it’s rarely about something that’s actually happened during a play.

But with how many games are being played, and with the players and everyone around not being pro and experienced, the most unusual things can happen.

And that’s just what happened last night, as another video from a high school game went viral.

An announcer has probably never been afraid during an NHL broadcast, especially not for the puck.

But when this high school hockey announcer saw the puck finding its way over the glass and near the broadcast booth, he reacted like it was a bullet. We’re not sure if the puck actually hit him or not, but just that it was heading toward him was enough for him to scream his lungs out.

The announcer was almost scared to death and completely forgot about, or ignored, that he was on a broadcast.

The video of the announcer screaming in absolute fear quickly went viral after the Spittin’ Chiclets account on X posted a video of it, and everyone found it absolutely hilarious.

”Jesus Christ it sounds like the puck pulled a gun on him,” one social media user said.

”Buddy never called a hockey game ever again,” another said.

”Jesus Christ, did the puck contain the Plague?” a third added.