When Georges Laraque sent a special message to his opponent's parents, after totally whopping his ass

When Georges Laraque sent a special message to his opponent’s parents, after totally whopping his ass

Georges Laraque was a classic enforcer in the NHL, and during his nearly 700 appearances in the NHL, he probably had more fights than points. However, Laraque was a well-liked teammate who never backed down for a fight, no matter the opponent. And, because of what a big profile Laraque was, many opponents wanted to fight Laraque.

One of them was Kyle Freadrich. He grew up in Edmonton and came to play against them when Laraque played for the Oilers. Freadrich had a lot of family and friends at the game and tried to pick a fight with Georges. Laraque said that he knew Kyle was from the area and wanted to show off in front of the family.

Laraque wasn’t typically the person who said no to a fight, but he felt a bit sick this night and said he didn’t want to fight.

Freadrich was up in Laraques face for two periods, and late in the third, Laraque had enough. Freadrich was given a beating, and as they skated to their penalty boxes, Laraque saw his opportunity. He jokingly said: ”Say hello to your mom and dad for me.”

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