When Eric Lindros welcomed Peter Forsberg to the NHL in the most brutal way

If there’s one moment that every NHL player will remember, it’s the moment of having your NHL debut.

For some, that meant two minutes in the second period, for others scoring four goals and for some taking a huge hit.

The last one was the case for Swedish star Peter Forsberg. He was supposed to make his NHL debut during the fall in 1994, but because of the lockout, it had to wait until Jan. 1995.

The first game of the season, the Quebec Nordiques played against the Philadelphia Flyers. Peter Forsberg had just been traded to Quebec from Philly, and in his first game he was facing Eric Lindros, the player he was traded for among others

And it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park for the Swede.

Maybe for Lindros, it was a way of saying he was the star of the show.

He put in a huge hit with Forsberg’s helmet flying into the air. And it wasn’t the only time during the game the Canadian went after Forsberg.

Of course, Eric Lindros was a huge star. But this time and in the future, it was Forsberg’s time to shine. The Nordiques came out with a 3-1 victory, and Forsberg tallied one assist.

But Forsberg probably will remember it as the night he almost got knocked out by Lindros as well.

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