Peter Forsberg had a special trick to get under Patrick Roy's skin, he's an absolute madman for even trying it

Peter Forsberg had a special trick to get under Patrick Roy’s skin, he’s an absolute madman for even trying it

During the late 90s, Peter Forsberg was one of the most dominant players in the NHL. He had the physics to bully opponents, and when he traveled with Team Sweden to the Olympics in Japan in 1998, he did it as one of the biggest stars in the game.

Forsberg wasn’t just strong as an ox. He had the IQ and just hated to lose.

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The Olympics in Nagano would be the first time in years that the world’s best players would play for their national team, and Sweden didn’t have a bigger star on their squad than Forsberg.

But Team Sweden wasn’t even close to Canada regarding star quality. Team Canada had Wayne Gretzky, Eric Lindros, and one of the world’s best goalies, Patrick Roy. Roy was also Forsberg’s teammate in Colorado and a special guy. Nobody dared to mess with Roy. Well, except Forsberg.

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Before the tournament in Japan, Forsberg did everything to get under Roy’s skin for their upcoming game against each other. And Roy didn’t like it one bit.

”I’ve tried to get under his skin. When you come down to practice I try to score as often as I can, and of course I’ve got to rub it in,” Forsberg said.

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Forsberg also had a special little trick to get the best out of Roy.

”I only shot the pucks high. I shot around his head, so he got a little angry. But I had it coming,” he said.

Peter Forsberg recorded six points in four games during the 1998 Olympics, and Patrick Roy and Team Canada ended the tournament on fourth place.

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