Brendan Gallagher calls out Tim Stützle for diving, fan responds by posting compilation of Gallagher diving

Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher got all the headlines after a sudden attack on Ottawa Senator star player Tim Stutzle last night. Stutzle was involved in several accidents during the game against the Canadiens, and one time, after a knee-on-knee collision with Nick Suzuki, he laid on the ice in pain.

Suzuki earned a two-minute minor for the collision, but Brendan Gallagher thought Stutzle was to blame. In the post-game press conference, he slammed Stutzle for embellishing calls.

” He’s a great player. I’ve played against him for two, three years now. More than half the games we’ve played against (Stutzle), he’s laid on the ice and is right back out there next shift,” Gallagher said. “He lays on the ice, he acts like he’s hurt, he sells the call, he’s on the ice that same power play. There’s kids watching, we’re role models, and if I was a teammate of his, I’d tell him to smarten up.”
“It’s just not a good look. Very talented player, very good player, (but) he needs to stop laying on the ice. It’s embarrassing.”

Gallagher’s outburst against Stutzle has gained a lot of attention and created a debate. But now, fans are going after Gallagher. On Twitter, one fan has put together a compilation, one minute long, of Brendan Gallagher drawing penalties by diving. Just look at this:

It’s a bad look for Gallagher, but to be fair, almost every player in the NHL has, at some point, exaggerated to draw a penalty.
What do you think of Gallagher’s sayings? Does he have a point?