Brady Tkachuk loses his mind after missing penalty shot, gets tossed from game after going after goalie

Brady Tkachuk loses his mind after missing penalty shot, gets tossed from game after going after goalie

It’s not really the first time it happened, but Brady Tkachuk has once again lost his mind at an opponent, but this time, his anger was directed at an opposing goalie for quite an unusual reason.

Brady Tkachuk is known for his hot temper, and it’s not really a new occurrence for him to be furious at an opponent.

But it’s not often he reacts to something a goalie did, but as the Senators trailed the Hurricanes 4-1, he just had enough at Canes goalie Pyotr Kochetkov.

Tkachuk was granted a penalty shot on the Hurricanes late in the 3rd to cut the deficit to two goals. But Pyotr Kochetkov made a bold diving poke check save, which caught Tkachuk off guard.

It didn’t look all that hard for Kochetkov to stop Tkachuk with the diving save, which reminded of Dominik Hasek during his prime time in the NHL.

Tkachuk went flying after Kochetkov stopped the puck, and he didn’t like the fact that the goalie went low on him.

Tkachuk immediately went after the goalie and had to be held back by officials from getting at the goalie, and he really looked ready to drop the gloves with him.

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It’s not a great look going after a goalie when you’re 4-1 down late in a game. It gets even worse, considering nobody else was on the ice ready to defend Kochetkov, as it was just after a penalty shot.

Kochetkov, filled with confidence after his diving save, confidently talked trash back to Tkachuk, but Tkachuk got tossed out of the game after receiving a 10-minute game misconduct.

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It might’ve been the first time ever in the NHL a player has been handed a misconduct after taking a penalty shot.

Postgame, he explained why he was so furious at the goalie.

”I came in with a lot of speed, and I felt like he just poked my legs,” Tkachuk said. ”I went into the boards hard. I was about to make my play there … I just don’t like going into the boards.”

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