Biz Nasty and Henrik Lundqvist put on awesome show for Canucks’ new head coach Rick Tocchet live on TNT

TNT continues to be the fans’ favorite national broadcast team. Since the crew started with their NHL broadcasts, they’ve made it entertaining, and it’s as much about telling great stories, making jokes, and laughing as it is about talking about statistics.

TNT has gathered an awesome crew and a panel with the likes of Paul Bissonnette, Aston Carter, Rick Tocchet, and occasionally even Wayne Gretzky.

Henrik Lundqvist has been one of the greatest goalies in the NHL for the past two decades. And he’s also a natural in front of the camera. Lundqvist regularly works for the MSG but has also made appearances on TNT, and it’s always a treat.

Rick Tocchet won’t be in the TNT panel anymore since he last week was appointed as the new head coach of the Vancouver Canucks. Wednesday was the first broadcast on TNT since Tocchet joined the NHL organization, and the TNT crew had to do something special for him. 

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Tocchet joined the TNT crew on a video call, and he got a special performance and a tribute to himself by none other than Biz Nasty and Henrik Lundqvist.

The former Rangers goalie is a well-known guitar specialist, and it’s not the first time he and Bissonnette teamed up to perform something on TV. This time, he played the guitar while Biz was on the mic, performing a song from Green Day.

In the meantime, short films of Tocchet’s days on TNT were shown, and in the end, Bissonnette even (fake) cried. What a special moment and performance from two really awesome former players. 

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