“Benchwarmer” goalie writes hilarious email to Eliteprospects and everyone’s loving it

You can never say the NHL or any other hockey league have not enough stats. And for plenty of hockey players, even only playing midget, minor or college hockey, it’s pretty cool to have your own page at Eliteprospects.

It’s easy to get sucked into the huge database of players from all over the world and looking up stats of some player playing in the 90’s. But for some people who’s in the database, it isn’t as much fun.

If your stats aren’t that good, the page might not be the first place you go to to show off your skills and career. And last night, Eliteprospects received a great email from a former player politely asking them to delete his page.

“After years of being a bench warmer, fem minutes of being a starter, years of failures and fem mintes of successes, my goaltending career has finally come to an end”, the player wrote.

The goaltender continued pinpointed his horrible stats in a hilarious way.

Calling his own career “Marriem-Webster’s dictionary definition of mediocre”, he ended the email on a perfect note.

“With all of this being said, I am kindly asking you folks to either delete my pathetic profile so I never have to see it again or add in my bio ‘Mediocre career, but loves the boys and the boys love him'”.

So what did Eliteprospects do? Of course, the goalie got rewarded.

You gotta love this!

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