The 23 most amazing goalie masks in hockey history

Today it would be bizarre, but not that long ago hockey players didn’t have helmets on. If we move back even further, neither did goalies. But when they did, we got to see some of the most awesome goalie masks ever created.

About 40 years ago, Jacques Plante had enough and refused to continue playing if he weren’t aloud to were a helmet. Not only was it a big steg forward for the well-being of the goalies. Out of a esthetic point of view it also was a huge boost for hockey.

Some of the goalie masks we’ve seen haven’t been that spectacular. But some of them are just amazing pieces of art, and we’ve gathered 23 of them. Take a look at these insane goalie masks below!

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Grant Fuhr

Hardy Åström

Gary Smith

Murray Bannerman

Denis DeJordy

Dan Bouchard

Wayne Thomas

Gary Simmons

Mike Liut

Doug Favell

John Garrett

Warren Skorodenski

Billy Smith

Glenn Resch

Bill Smith

Al Smith

Normand LaPointe

Bernie Parent

Pete Peters

Jukka Ariaksisen

John Davidson

Gerry Cheevers

Dan Bouchard


Source: Facebook/Vintage Goalie Masks